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Is there a easier way to keep my “Wheels Clean”?

February 9 2015

If its one question I get asked over and over again it would be, “Is there any easy way to keep my wheels clean?”.  Well good news, finally some ones come up with a product that actually works. After running tests of this product on a Jerry Claytons BMW for the last 4 months we have found that cleaning the wheels is easier, and the carbon deposits that usually build up have not taken up residency as they usually do. We shouldn’t be doubting Kiwi’s, doing our own tests as this product that is manufactured in Australia has been used by them for the past year gaining such support it’s now exported to the USA and other parts of the world. Slipstream Wheel Bling is an innovative product specifically formulated to protect your aftermarket or factory wheels against brake dust build up and airborne contaminants. By creating a microscopic layer of reduced contact friction Slip Stream Wheel Bling prevents brake dust and dirt particles from electrostaticlly bonding to the wheel surface maintaining a cleaner surface.