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Have you ever seen white marks on your car that won’t wash off and wondered what they are?

February 26 2015

I see these daily at the carwash and people ask me, ”How did they get there?” and ”Is there any way to remove them?”

How did they get there?

In the photos above you can see the obvious hand print. These marks come from hand body lotions, hand creams and sun screen. They are not always as obvious as the examples shown and can be from kids leaning on the car leaving smears or the rolling of an arm or leg brushing the car.

This issue with these marks is that we tend to leave them or try to wash them off only to find that the mark won’t lift. Once left the sun plays its nasty role in helping the lotions bake onto the car, etching into your clear coats or paint work.

So for prevention, always try to wipe the excess lotion off the kids before they leave the beach so once they start touching the car minimal transfer occurs.

Is there any way to remove them?

Good News. Yes, depending on the age of the mark, any good cutting compound applied by hand and then polished over will remove these marks.

The older marks that have etched into your paintwork will need to be machine cut off to get a good result.

The usual affected areas are around the boot, on the roof above the doors and on the doors themselves.

My advice is, when you see these marks deal to them quickly, minimising the amount of direct sunlight that hits the car, as this is when issues start.

If you are unable to do the job, we always are more than happy to help down at Car-Fe Takapuna to remove these for you.

Hand Marks


Hand Marks2